Ivelina Ghadzhev, UK

Founder of Design for All Bulgaria Foundation

Ivelina has a Master’s degree in Inclusive Design from Mid Sweden University and an extended hands-on experience in delivering training for professionals, business and non-government organisations on how to use design for social innovation and business transformation.

Ivelina consults public and private sectors on how to expand their innovation capacity and add value by developing a deep understanding of people-centered design approaches and qualitative research. She is the founder of Design for All Bulgaria Foundation, which is a member organisation of Design for All Europe, and the co-founder of Service Design Network chapter Bulgaria, member of the Global Service Design Network. Ivelina educates and inspires individuals and groups how to use human diversity to create social inclusion and develop sustainable solutions.

Ivelina is currently working as Inclusive Design Researcher at The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design with TATA Consultancy Services for Singapore Airlines, to improve the internal operating efficiency and experience of SIA for staff whilst maintaining or improving customer experience

Ivelina Ghadzhev
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