Invitation to sponsor

Invitation to sponsor Access Israel’s 8th Annual International Conference on the Future of Accessibility

Access Israel works to improve accessibility for and the social integration of peoples with disabilities and the elderly
with the goal of improving their quality of life and that of their families.

One of the organization’s central events is the Access Israel International Conference.

To take an impression of the conference from last year, click here

The Objectives of the Conference:

  • To further improve accessibility and prolong the accessibility trend
  • To increase knowledge and expertise of those involved in accessibility
  • To bring together all those involved in accessibility in Israel

As of 2019, we are in the process of implementing accessibility in organizations, authorities and businesses. Many have completed the process of making their premises and services accessible, and are moving on the stage of maintaining and preserving the accessible conditions they have achieved. There are those who wish to further improve accessibility at their facilities.

Today, developments and innovations in the field of accessibility are increasing at an exponential rate in every field of our lives. More and more products and services that connect service providers to their customers are becoming digitalized and in general, our lives rely more on technology.

Alongside the great progress, there are areas in which we still have a long and challenging journey to make them accessible.

The main subjects to be discussed in the conference:

  • How can we continue to improve accessibility after its implementation?
  • The challenges in the years ahead—brainstorming on methods and solutions
  • The challenge of making our technological future accessible
  • Developments in the field of accessibility

As every year, the conference is a meeting point for all those engaged in accessibility. It provides us an opportunity to learn, experience, meet, present and make an impact.

The conference includes:

  • A professional and comprehensive convention for 1,000 guests, with lectures by leading figures in the field from Israel and abroad
  • A uniquely planned area for experimenting and experiencing
  • A display of accessibility technologies and developments
  • A large exhibition of accessibility providers – the only such event in Israel
  • Professional workshops to further learn about accessibility – for registered guests

Who is the conference for?

Approximately 1,000 guests are expected to attend the conference, including certified accessibility professionals for services and for structures, infrastructures and environments; accessibility officers and coordinators; accessibility and equality trustees; legal advisors; procurement managers; technological innovators; website managers; information technologists; and app developers.

Also in attendance will be architects and interior designers, lawyers, representatives of government ministries and local government, large businesses, many organizations, and professionals in the fields of retail, smart cities, health, education and higher education, tourism, culture and sports, human resources, corporate responsibility and training.

The conference will take place on Monday, May 25, 2020, at the Avenue Convention and Events Center, Airport City

Invitation to Sponsor:

We invite you to be a sponsor at the conference, to expose your products and services.

What’s in it for you?

  • The conference is the best opportunity in Israel to raise awareness to your brand, and the products and services provided by your business;
  • Expose and sell your products – all in one place;
  • Be a partner in promoting accessibility in Israel.

Don’t miss the best opportunity to increase exposure in Israel

For details, please contact Efrat Katash
Cell: +972-54-7660000

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