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Access Israel Annual International Conference

Access Israel’s Annual International Conference is known as one of the best international events on accessibility, for the contents, side events, technologies and for connecting people in the field.  This year’s conference focuses on “The Future of Accessibility”.

Access Israel’s 8th International Conference will take place in Israel, Tel-Aviv during the 22-26 of May 2020 and will include various exciting events over five days.

In addition to being an innovative professional conference, Access Israel offers unique events, opportunities to create close relationships and connections to with leading accessibility executives and professionals from government, companies, and advocacy from around the world.

Conference goals and objectives

  • Continue to promote global accessibility and inclusion
  • Share knowledge and best practices with accessibility leaders and professionals involved in the field of accessibility and inclusion
  • Create a meeting point for all those dealing with accessibility
  • Create a community of accessibility leaders, experts and advocates.

The main topics of the conference:

  • Developments in the field of accessibility
  • The challenges of the near future and possible solutions
  • The challenges of making future technologies accessible by design
  • Innovative, models, projects and best practices of accessibility implementations in large organizations
  • New, innovative and unique accessibility design projects
  • Innovative technologies that improve accessibility
  • Implementing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The Conference will include:

  • A comprehensive and professional conference with around 1,000 participants and speakers who are accessibility leaders and experts in their fields in Israel and around the world
  • A second day with professional workshops and panels to learn and share globally knowledge in the field of accessibility and inclusion
  • Delegations and representatives from more than 25 countries and global companies from around the world
  • An exhibition with accessibility technologies and innovations from Israel and abroad
  • Original and experiential events


We invite you to send us unique and innovative lecture proposals that will excite participants and enable them to learn new aspects of accessibility and inclusion and enable better implementation of accessibility. We are looking for lecture on the following topics:

  • New, innovative, best practices, models, projects of accessibility implementations in large organizations
  • New, innovative, unique and universal accessibility design projects
  • The challenges of the next few years and possible solutions
  • Challenges of making future technologies accessible by design
  • Innovative technologies improving accessibility
  • Developments in the field of accessibility
  • Ideas for topics to be discussed at roundtables with professionals
  • Ideas for professional workshops and trainings
  • Specifically, innovations and solutions from the fields of:
    • Accessible and inclusive tourism
    • Smart and accessible cities
    • Inclusive accessible education
    • Employment Accessibility
    • Accessible technologies
    • Accessible companies and services
    • Accessible transportation

How to submit your proposal:

  • Word document, in Arial font, size 12
  • Topic: please underline the topic in bold
  • Details of the lecturer: contact details, including mobile number and e-mail address.
  • Details of the organization (if relevant) and/or suggested speaker
  • Please describe the suggested topic in up to 350 words. You may add a picture/video to the proposal.
  • Please note: Proposals that continue to the next stage may be asked to provide a more detailed proposal

Deadline for the submission: 15th January 2020

For more information, please visit our conference website:

Please send the proposal to:

Thank you.

Access Israel Team


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