Call for Lecture Proposal

Call for Proposal to Submit Offers to Lecture in the 7th Annual Conference on “The Future of Accessibility”

Do you have an important success story, project or idea that promotes accessibility and inclusion that should be presented at the conference? To send your proposal, follow these steps.

This is a great opportunity to be part of the conference and of the global sharing of knowledge in the field of accessibility, the development of accessibility and the implementation of accessibility in Israel and around the world.

We have no doubt that your extensive knowledge and rich experience will contribute significantly to the success of the conference and to the participants, as you would enable them to learn from, and be inspired by your experiences.

Conference goals and objectives

  • Continue to promote accessibility and inclusion
  • Share knowledge and practices between experts and professionals involved in the field of accessibility and inclusion
  • Create a meeting point for everyone dealing with accessibility and inclusion in Israel

The main topics of the conference:

  • The transition from implementing accessibility, to maintenance, to excellence in accessibility
  • The challenges of the next few years and possible solutions
  • Challenges of making future technologies accessible by design
  • Developments in the field of accessibility

We would like to receive offers for:

  • Lectures on success stories from Israel and abroad on promoting accessibility to be presented at the conference and the workshops
  • Ideas for topics to be discussed at roundtables with professionals
  • Ideas for professional workshops and trainings

Within the framework of these offers, please submit an example of a business, project, design, service, technology, product, business model, accessibility solution or any other idea from which we can learn.

The conference will take place on Sunday, May 26, and the professional workshops will take place on Monday, May 27.

How to submit your proposal:

  • In a word document, in Arial font, size 12
  • Topic: please underline the topic in bold
  • Details of the lecturer: contact details, including mobile number and e-mail address.
  • Details of the organization (if relevant)
  • Please describe the suggested topic in up to 350 words. You may add a picture to the proposal.
  • Please note: Proposals that continue to the next stage may be asked to provide a more detailed proposal

Deadline for the submission: 01.02.2019

Please send the proposal to:

Thank you.

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