Application Form

Submission of the application will be done according to the rules and by the submission form.

Forms marked by a star-sign (*) are not required.

Forms marked by 2 star-signs (**) must be filled only if the advocate isn’t the candidate.

Who is eligible to apply:

Architects, designers, authorized accesses commissioner, entrepreneurs, companies and organizations, authorities and activists in the field.

The application form will be submitted in writing via the registration form in Hebrew.

The Prize:

This year at least one of three of the prizes will be awarded for a technology project that promotes accessibility.

The prize will be awarded to a project, structure, park, product, service, design that promotes accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities into society in an exceptional manner that is an inspiration and example of excellent accessibility and inclusion.

The three winners will receive a ‘Certificate of Recognition’.

The winner of the first place will receive funding for his participation at the Zero Project conference in Vienna, Austria, in February 2020.

Application Form for the Accessibility Prize of 2019, in Memory of Simcha Lustig, for Development and/or Ground-Breaking Work for Promoting Accessibility and Inclusion for People with Disabilities

Please attach in a separate file:
  • Details of the submitting individual/organization (up to 200 words).
  • Description of the project that promotes accessibility, including a description of the project, its location and the persons involved. Please emphasis the goal, target audience, details and advantages of the project (up to 350 words).
  • Please add photos, a short slideshow of up to 10 slides, sketches and a short film on the project - the entire material must be submitted via email only.
  • Statement of the nominee that he has not been convicted of any crime, or faced a legal sanction that includes infamy, is not undergoing a process of liquidation, and documents proving that the management of the organization applying is proper.
  • Copy of the ID card of the person submitting the request and/or the organization’s incorporation documents.
  • At least two recommendation letters from a third party, which explains the unique contribution of the project.

The details marked with * shall be fulfilled only if the recommender is not the nominee:

I hereby state that all details provided by me are correct.

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