Access Israel's 8th International Conference on "The Future of Accesibility"

Access Israel is the leading non-profit organization in Israel dedicated to promoting accessibility and inclusion for people with all kinds of disabilities and the elderlies to improve their lives in all spheres of life.

Access Israel was established in 1999 by Yuval Wagner in order to transform Israel in to an accessible and inclusive society. Yuval was a helicopter fighter pilot in the Israeli army before he became wheelchair bound due to a helicopter accident during his service. In addition to his new found situation, Yuval felt like a prisoner in his own home due to the lack of accessibility in Israel at the time. However, Yuval did not accept the situation as it was and established Access Israel in order to create a more accessible and inclusive society.

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One of the organization’s flag events to promote this cause is the ‘Access Israel Annual International Conference’.

Access Israel’s 8th International Conference will take place during the 22-26 of May 2020
and will focus on “The Future of Accessibility”. The conference includes various exciting events over
five days.

Please click here to get an impression of last year’s conference.

Conference Goals and Objectives:

  • Continue to promote accessibility and inclusion
  • Share knowledge and practices between experts and professionals involved in the field of accessibility and inclusion
  • Create a meeting point for all dealing with accessibility in Israel

The main Topics of the Conference:

  • The transition from implementing accessibility, to maintenance, to excellence in accessibility
  • The challenges of the next few years and possible solutions
  • Challenges of making future technologies accessible by design
  • Developments in the field of accessibility

The Conference will include:

  • A comprehensive and professional conference with around 1,000 participants and speakers who are leaders in their fields in Israel and around the world.
  • Original and experiential workshops
  • An exhibition with assistive technologies and innovations – the only one in Israel
  • A day of professional workshops to learn and share knowledge in the field of accessibility – open for those who registered to the conference

The Target Group of the Conference – Everyone who Deals with Accessibility:

  • Approximately 1,000 participants will take part in the conference
  • Authorized accessibility professionals for buildings, infrastructures, environment and services, accessibility and equality supporters, legal consultants, purchase managers, technological entrepreneurs, website and IT managers, and application developers
  • Representatives from retail, smart city field, architecture and interior design, lawyers, health, education, tourism, culture, sports, human resources, corporate responsibility and training.
  • There will be government officials and representatives from local authorities, businesses and many organizations.

Every year, the conference serves as a meeting point for professionals in the field of accessibility. It is an opportunity to enrich our knowledge, meet new colleagues, and find new ways to impact society and continue to improve accessibility and inclusion.

Program at a glance:

The Conference will take place over 5 days and will include:

Friday, May 22, 2020 (For our international guests only)

  • Welcome assembly
  • Site visits of accessibility and inclusive programs
  • Customized meetings upon request and availability (deadline for such requests is March 1, 2020)
  • Site visit of an experiential and awareness raising event
  • Traditional Friday night dinner at Yuval Wagner’s house, Founder of Access Israel

Saturday, May 23, 2020 (For our international guests only)

  • Accessible day trip up north 
  • Free evening

Sunday, May 24, 2020 (For our international guests only)

  • Accessible day trip to Jerusalem 
  • Technological Speed Dating event – A networking event to get to know Israeli and international accessible technologies and start-ups

Monday, May 25, 2020

  • Plenary of Access Israel’s 8th International Conference – Lectures by leading Israeli and international accessibility experts. An exhibition with accessible technologies and an accessibility trail that simulates obstacles that people with disabilities face on a daily basis  
  • “Feast of the Senses” dinner – An experiential dinner that simulates the loss of the senses

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

  • Second day of lectures – Lectures, roundtables and panels which will discuss in more depth various topics such as education and ICT, tourism, transportation, policy makers, inclusive design, smart cities, public awareness campaigns in a more intimate forum. 
  • Free evening

Registration to the conference will open soon.  Leave details here and we’ll get back to you.

Please click here to get an impression of last year’s conference.

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